Hardware and Software Requirements


BookOut is a server and client application. All the software sits on a server. The software language is cross-platform, so it can be installed on both Windows and Linux systems. We recommend Linux Fedora Core as the platform to reduce costs.

The application is totally accessible by the user, and the administrator, using web-pages. This means the BookOut system can be ported as a “unit”. The whole image is installed on a machine of your choice and will run as a “box”. The box is accessible by, and maintained by, us. You do not have to worry about any system administration at all.

Consequently, once the system has been installed, you have no software or legacy issues to worry about!


We will install BookOut on any 64bit machine of your choice. The resources required depend on the number of users and number of items, but for most applications of less than 40 users, 2Gb of RAM will suffice.

Hard Drive capacity for BookOut can be as small as 5Gb, but we recommend at least 50Gb – this includes allowable space for a full installation of Fedora Core OS.


We recommend using email for backup of the database since each backup file is usually less than 1Mb. In addition, you should provide disk space, remote from the machine, (preferably off-site) for a simple one-off copy of BookOut files. The only files that change are the log files. Back up is as simple as it gets.