Cloud-based Solutions

BookOut is designed with the Cloud in mind; it has a clean, crisp web-based interface, and is multi-platform. This means it is able to run on iOS, Android, Linux and Windows.

The secure web login allows access for users on the go, wherever they may be, or whenever they work – using desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone web-pages. One application, many ways to use it, from any web-connected location.

BookOut can be hosted by you, by us, or by an independent server service provider.

The whole administration process is virtually invisible to the end user. Alternatively, you can choose how much information the end users get – for example, information on the item(s) for “loan”, information on future bookings/availability, information on who currently has the item(s).

To request a booking all the user has to do is choose a date, and/or time period, select the number of items… and press a button.

We can even administrate the whole “loan” system for you. Your users just scan in and scan out the items when they take the loan. You can leave the rest to us.