About our Software

BookOut is the new inventory management system from Favio. It is designed to keep a track on valuable stock or asset items that are on continual and variable loan to users or clients.

BookOut stores all the information about your items, your clients or users, and keeps a track of who has what, where and when.

BookOut users can see what is available when and make requests for a “loan” of any number of items on any particular day, or part of a day.

BookOut is designed to be used primarily as an administrator based system but can be customised to an automatic system

The administrator has separate pages with all the information that is needed to be able to approve or decline a loan. The client is informed of the decision almost immediately.

Items can be barcode scanned in and out to BookOut by the administrator. Manual override to allow the movement of items without return to base is available.

Reports of where items are and who is currently responsible for them are available. The current status of requests (accepted, declined and approved) is also available.

BookOut is primarily designed for inventory monitoring of valuable equipment, such as laptops or mobile devices but it can be customised for your particular  requirements.